Ca. 60km west of Side you find Antalya, one of Turkeys most beautiful cities which is a major tourist centre. The historical centre of the city, known as Kaleici, is now a major tourist attraction. The original Roman harbour is considered to be one of the loveliest marinas in Turkey and is a great place to sit and enjoy a lunch time beer. The old city walls, lit up at night, give an atmosphere of timelessness and serenity and must not be missed. Behind the city loom the Taurus mountains and towards the East rise a dramatic expanse of cliffs with waterfalls tumbling down to the sea. Antalya has a great variety of restaurants, bars and a good selection of furniture and home leisure shops. Antalya is the main international airport in Southern Turkey.

30km east of Side is Aspendos, an amphitheatre that rivals any other single construction on the Turkish coast. Built in the 2nd century and seating 15000 people, the theatre is still only 95% complete. The theatre has amazing acoustics and during the summer months concerts are held here - listening to an opera or a musical in such an ancient setting is an evening not to be missed.

Perge is situated 18km from Antalya and was originally settled by the Hittites around 1500 B.C. St. Paul preached his first sermons here and it is still an important historical city of ancient Pamphylia. Most of today's Perge belongs to the Roman Period, and anyone interested in history will love to explore the long colonnaded street, once paved with marble and lined with shops, as well as the agora, the stadium, the public baths and the amphitheatre. Try to avoid this tour in the middle of the day in peak summer due to the heat.

Taurus Mountains and white water rafting, Only a 30 minute drive from Side, towards Beskonak, you reach the spectacular scenery of the Taurus Mountains. You must see the great Köprülü Canyon and join in an experience never to be forgotten - rafting down the white rapids through the astoundingly beautiful canyon. Truly a day out for the adventurous and an experience you will never forget.

The plateau behind Antalya is as studded with the remains of old cities as are the shores of the Mediterranean. One of the most remarkable of these inland sites is Termessos, high in the mountains above Antalya with even higher peaks around it and with a distant view of the coastline. The defences of the city so daunted Alexander the Great in 333BC that he passed it by, it is not hard to understand why, with the steep winding roads on the approach to the city. At its' peak in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC, Termessos boasted as many as 150,000 inhabitants and many of the buildings date back to this time. Of all the ruins, the most impressive by far is the theatre which is hewn out of the rock and offers spectacular views as far as Antalya.

Manavgat Waterfalls and river boat tours,
Just a 10 minute drive from Side is the town of Manavgat where you can practise your haggling skills to pick up some great bargains in the markets on Mondays and Thursdays. Also from here you can take boat trips along the emerald green waters of the Manavgat river to the stunning Manavgat waterfalls or to the sea. Cruising along the river, under the blue skies, with views over the wide open countryside, and tops of the mountains....a day out not to be missed.

Only 1 hour from Side is one of the largest Aquaparks in the area. This is a great day out for the whole family with a vast choice of pools and water slides to discover and enjoy. To make the day even more memorable, see the dolphin and sealion show, and why not take the opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

Selukia and the Oymapinar Dam,
Follow the road inland from Manavgat and you come to the steep winding road up to the ruins of the ancient city of Seleukia. Set high up on the top of a hill, with spectacular views over the coast. Spend half a day exploring the footsteps of your ancestors.

After Seleukia, follow the road to visit the hydro-electric dam that produces the electricity for the region. The 2nd largest dam in Turkey took 20 years to build and 85 men died during the construction. From its top, there are amazing views of the lake on one side and the valley on the other. These two sites are off the normal tourist trail but are well worth a visit for a memorable day out.