Legal Info

The tapu is the Turkish Title deed for your property. In the cae of a new build you will receive two tapus. The first is tapu is for the ARSA which means land and is issued to show the new property owners name. According to Turksih law as long as the owners name is on the arsa tapu then they own whatever is on the land. An application must be made to the local council offices for a habitation certificate (the second tapu – Oturma Izni). This is done by the property vendor (i.e. the builder) and is only issued once the building has been inspected to comply with the building application. Once this has been granted the tapu will show the words Cins Tahsisi that confirms the classification on the property. In the case of resale property the Oturma Izni should have already been granted adnd must be checked that it is shown.